Hello! I’m a CS (+ math?) major interested in applying algorithmic optimization and machine learning techniques to problems in bioinformatics and other fields. I also have experience in building web applications designed for large-scale use. I love CS because it’s a way for me to use fascinating mathematical and computational concepts to make people’s lives a little bit better; plus, it lets me hack together cool shit! As a sophomore, I’m definitely still exploring different specializations I can pursue. I also like competitive programming as a hobby :)

I’m really bad at icebreakers (as is evident), so this is just a jumble of facts. I grew up in New Delhi, but I go to college in Ithaca and live in Queens, New York now. In my free time, you can find me tending to my ever-growing collection of houseplants (which I lug between NYC and Ithaca). I am also a fan of trains (shoutout to the Delhi metro yellow line and the express 7 train). I strongly dislike pigeons, which is unfortunate because they’re unavoidable in both Delhi and NYC.

Greatest weakness: shelling out too much money on coffee and matcha
Where I see myself in 5 years: shelling out too much money on coffee and matcha